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Custom Cake Order Contract

Terms & Conditions

All custom celebration cake sales are subject to the following terms & conditions.

      Connor’s CakeBox provide bespoke celebration cakes.
      Quotations are created using the following information –
          * design/theme
          * flavour
          * how many the product needs to cater for
          * delivery requirements
      All quotes are inclusive of VAT

      ***Poetic License Disclaimer***
      In the interest of Poetic License, any images Connor’s CakeBox receive from the customer will          be used as inspiration only. Connor’s CakeBox will not replicate any other cake makers’ work.

Placing an Order
      Once the provided quote has been provisionally accepted a booking can be made. Placing an            order is agreement from the customer to accept the terms & conditions stated in this document.

Retainer Fee
      On placing the booking the customer is required to pay a retainer fee of up to 50% of the          order value.
      All orders are deemed to have been accepted by Connor’s CakeBox only when the retainer fee        has been paid.

      Any payments can be made by –
          Debit/Credit card

Final Payments
      The balance of wedding cake orders are to be paid one week prior to the event.
      The balance of all other celebrations cakes are to be paid the day of collection/delivery.
      In the event of non-payment, the order will not be released.

Order Alterations
      It is the customer’s responsibility to advise Connor’s CakeBox of any changes to the order as          soon as possible. Late notification can result in the alterations not being guaranteed.
      Connor’s CakeBox reserves the right the increase the order value accordingly in the event that        the customer requests a change in the work agreed.

Order Collection
      Your order may be collected at a pre-arranged date/time. A signature is required upon              collection confirming you are satisfied with your order.

Order Delivery
      Delivery is available at the rate of 50p per mile for the round trip. An additional service            charge may be included in the quotation if delivery is required within the opening hours of            Connor’s CakeBox Bake House.
      All delivery times are subject to availability.  
      It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that Connor’s CakeBox has been given the correct          delivery information & that someone is available to take receipt of the order. 
      A signature will be required upon delivery confirming satisfaction of the order.
      In the event of the recipient not be being available, the order will be returned to Connor’s            CakeBox Bake House. Alternative delivery arrangements can be made which will incur                additional charges by the customer.
      Connor’s CakeBox accepts no responsibility for any loss or consequential loss incurred as a            result.

Setting Up
      Should the customer require the cake order to be delivered to a venue, we will ensure it is            displayed at its best.
      It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure the correct set up information has been provided to        Connor’s CakeBox & the venue.  Please ensure that the cake location is level & stable enough        to hold the cake.
      Once the setup of the cake is complete, a signature is required by the venue. Connor’s CakeBox        is unable to accept liability for any interference with or damage to the cake thereafter.

      Your cake order is bespoke to you & certain components required may need to be ordered weeks        in advance.
      The following rules apply if an order is cancelled –
      4+ weeks from required date – 100% retainer fee refunded
      2 to 4 weeks from required date – 50% retainer fee refunded
      0 to 2 weeks from required date – NO refunds

      It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that Connor’s CakeBox are informed of any allergies.
      Please note that all products are prepared in a kitchen that heavily contains nuts, eggs, diary,        wheat & gluten.